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So… I Kind of Stumbled ‘Out’

I called my mom a few days ago just to say hi before I went to my other job. The apartment was brought up and well, I got tired of lying and worrying. So I let her figure out it’s one bedroom with Dorkasaur and no, we’re not just roommates. She didn’t go on a scream rage but was still pretty upset and didn’t have anything nice to say. I sent her the letter I was finally able to finish the next day but haven’t heard from her since then.

I’m off this weekend and decided to text and see if I could stop by to talk. My bro ended up having her phone since he’s at a party. Anyways, I had to post it:

"It’s H. I’m at a party and have Mom’s phone"

"I was just going to see about coming up for the weekend. How is she doing?"

"I think she’s good. Kinda in shock. lol"

"Mmk. How are you? I’ve been wondering if you’d still talk to me or not"

"hahaha. Why wouldn’t I? I’ll love you no matter what dude, family is family"

"Dude, you have no idea how much that means to me :’)"

"haha. I’ll always love all of you. No matter what I believe, and no matter what I agree with or disagree with, we’re still family :)"

"You know, you’re pretty awesome. Still less than me but you’re getting there ;D"

"haha. Good to know! And I know Mom feels the same. I just don’t think she was expecting it"

"That’s actually shocking to me. I thought she totally knew. lol"

"haha. Nah. I think she just thought you were… whimsical"


"haha. Yup. But I think it would deff be good for you guys to talk"

"Yeah, def. I’d love to talk to Mom a ton. I’ve wanted to for years"

"Good good. Well that’s probably best. Imma go party, ttyl!"

"Mmk. Later! And thanks :)"

My little Bro is beyond awesome. I’m so thankful to know he’s like that!

We Did A Thing…

Dorkasaur is moved into the apartment! Whoo! This is so crazy…

Ordered internet tonight - 105Mbps! That should definitely satisfy our cravings for speed :D

Checking in…

So much has happened this year! It’s been difficult to keep track of it all…

School is finally straightened out. I had some issues with my major being changed but it’s all taken care of (it’s now a degree in Cyber Security which sounds cooler.) I’m taking some interesting classes this fall semester and I don’t have to worry about finances at all which is AWESOME.

I’m leaving The Asylum (aka, the library) next month. It’ll have been 1 year to the day. More then enough for me to deal with. I’ll then continue working at H&M through the semester. They’re so flexible with my class schedule, it’s amazing.

Dorkasaur and I are waiting to hear back about the apartment! He’ll be moving in shortly and I’ll join him in December. It’s still unbelievable how things are coming together :)

Overall, life is pretty damn good and I’m very thankful for it. It’ll be a hectic semester but hey, I’ll be with Dorkasaur by the end of the year and that’s just… wow! :D

“ I never knew how much I needed to be held before I met you ”